This blog is the dream of one young  man who spent his days and nights silently among the mysterious denizens of the internet anime/manga community; a boy who lurked the infamous imageboards of 4 chan and Danbooru and has followed the work of the dedicated posters of blogs like The Animachronism, THAT, Memories of Eternity, Random Curiosty, Ogiue Maniax, Colony Drop and Sankaku Complex. This is his dream; to stand tall amongst those he revered silently, and have his voice be heard and to give that voice to others so that they too may be counted amongst the heroes of the Anime Bloggosphere. He does it for the followers and the fansubbers, for the lurkers and the lolicons, for the yuri-fiends and the yaoi-heads, for the freeloaders and the downloaders, for the forgers of fanfics and fanart, for the artists of AMVs and the creators of cosplay, for the /a-holes, the /b-tards and the /deviants and yes, even for the trolls.

It is my dream that one day my monastic devotion to the Otaku subculture will one day allow me count myself among the truly passionate aficionados of anime, manga and the like. I wish to enrich the experience for the entire fandom, because I believe that if we can understand what it means to TRULY love anime then we can all stand together as Otakus United….


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